Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon

An assemblage of the best Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines from the region of Limoux, southern France. A wine with Bordeaux Allures, charming at the onset but supported by a noble structure to accompany a juicy piece meat.

Chardonnay - Viognier

Like its red counterpart, this wine is also comes from the south of France, around the region of Limoux. Viognier and Chardonnay are blended in this blend into a harmonious whole with a fresh, fruity nose and a balanced structure on the palate. A white wine with fraicheur and character that loves to linger in the company of all the goodies from the sea.



'When nature takes over'

Een aandachtige lezer heeft het misschien al gezien. De trouwfoto in het midden is die van Jules en Julia Dendooven - Aernoudt. De foto werd gemaakt in 1924. Vandaar ook de naam 'Les Sourds', letterlijk vertaald als 'De (Den)dooven(s))'. Elk familielid heeft hier zijn eigen symbooltje aan mogen toevoegen. Kan jij achterhalen waarvoor ze staan?


Family Dendooven is exclusive distributor of the wines of Quinta do Pinto at the coast of Belgium. 

Quinta do Pinto is a Portugees winery, located nearby Lisbon. The estate is family-owned for over generations. The 3 siblings that are currently running the thriving business have a real passion for creating and innovating wines. 


This wine, obtained exclusively from selected bunches of Touriga Nacional (a typical Portugees grape), a variety whose profile has been expressed, in a different way in the terroir of Quinta do Pinto, reveals an exuberant ensemble combines power and elegance, in a perfect harmony.

This wine has won 90 POINTS on the International Wine Challenge in the UK in 2020, which means a silver medal. And besides that they also participated at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2020, where they won a bronze medal.



The Arinto variety expresses in this terroir all the aromatic potential that is characteristic of it. To its own qualities, this wine also adds a unique creaminess recognized in the white wines of Quinta do Pinto. From the art of knowing how to wait for the proper maturation of this variety, this wine emerges that perfectly combines a rich aroma with a distinct and irreverent

To congratulate the wine of its unique taste, this wine won the gold medal at the Lisboa Wine Competition in 2019. (Concurso de Vinhos de Lisboa). And in 2020 they received 91 points at the Wine Enthusiast by Roger Voss in the USA.